Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd., developed an very strong and electrically low resistance center crimp connection, which ensures the lowest possible electrical resistance (less than 1.0 Milli Ohm) between the cables and anode tube.

The Unique MMO crimp cable connection and high specifications components means that the MMO anode is extremely durable and unlike other impressed current anodes, will not affected by a presence of chlorine.

Major Failure of Cathodic Protection systems are due to the breakdown of the electrical connection between the cable joints and anodes. These failures will take place, when the anodes connections are joined by resin based seals.

To prevent such a failures, we developed the hybrid method of "CPCC" cable joints by hot fusion crimping of anode with the copper conductor, covered by polymer cable sheath. After the crimping, the joints are 100% Quality Assured on.

·         Conductivity test on Electrical Connection

·         Helium (vacuum) leak test on joints

·         In-house test for dimension, adhesion & coating thick of Anode

·         Mechanical and chemical analysis of Electrical cable