Tiaano offers wide range and types of MMO Coated Plate for various Electro Chemical and water Treatment Application. Titanium anode is an insoluble anode, MMO Coated and titanium substrate with a solid and stable performance.

Negative plate are widely used in various industries because it has special physical and chemical properties like high corrosion resistance, catalytic in nature and thermal conductivity. MMO titanium anodes act as inert anodes and are non-consumable and long lasting.

 Technical characteristics of Titanium Anode High current efficiency; excellent corrosion resistance; long electrode life; electrode shape can be designed according to user needs; electrode substrate can be reused several times; no pollution to the medium (electrolysis); can withstand higher Current density.

Electrolysis Process: Electroplating, Electro Winning or electroextraction, Electrosynthesis, Electrodialysis, Drinking Water electrolysis, Cathodic Protection, Sodium Hypochlorite, HHO Generator, Swimming pool disinfectant, Perchlorate protection, Chlor-alkali industry etc...

Platinized Titanium mesh Anodes. These anodes are mostly suitable for the electro plating of precious metals like gold, platinum, palladium, chromium, nickel and copper etc…The service time of the anodes depends on the chemical resistivity of the base metal, the dissolution rate of the deposited chemical in the electrolyte, which in turn depends upon layer morphology, and adhesive qualities, pH, current density and current ripple. For most applications the dissolution rate is low, and the advantages of titanium anodes are far greater than any metal loss.

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