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Material Safety Data Sheet
1 Product Composition on ingredients; the HOCl solution contains the following substances:
Chemical Name CAS - No. EINECS No. Symbols Wt. / Vol %
Water 7732 - 18 - 5 231-791-2 H2O 99.7 - 99.8
Sodium Chloride 7647 - 14 -5 231-598-3 NaCl 0.1- 0.2
Hypochlorous acid 7790 - 92 - 3 232-232-5 HOCl 0.01 – 0.02
Sodium Chlorate 7775 - 09 - 9 231-791-2 NaClO3O 0.002
2 Physical & Chemical Properties Appearance Clear Solution
Colour Colourless
Odor Mild Chlorine's Odor
pH 6 to 7
Melting Point 0℃
Boiling Point 100℃
Oxidizing Properties + 600mV - 850 mV
Density 1.0 G / Ml.
Solubility Total
3 Hazard Identification Classification of the Product Not Hazardous for human and animals
Label elements Not classified as dangerous, therefore no specific label elements are required
4 First Aid Measures Measures Inhalation Non-irritating, in case of irritation move to fresh air. Get medical attention if symptoms persist.
Skin Contact Non-irritating. No significant risk
Eye Contact Non-irritating. In case of irritation flush with water. Get medical attention if symptoms persist.
Ingestion Non-irritating. In case of gastric distress drink plenty of water. Get medical attention if symptoms persist.
Most important symptoms & effects, both acute & delayed No data available
Indication of any immediate medical attention & special treatment needed All treatments should be based on observed signs and symptoms.
5 Fire-fighting Measures Extinguishing media The product is not flammable
6 Personal Precautions, Protective Equipment & Emergency Procedures Nothing Required
7 Handling & Storage Safe Handling No special precautions necessary for handling and storage
8 Exposure control / Personal protection Preventive equipment Not required
Exposure controls Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Use good personal hygiene practices
9 Stability & Reactivity Reactivity The product is not reactive under normal conditions.
Chemical stability Stable
Hazardous reactions No hazard reactions are expected under normal processing
Conditions to avoid Avoid extreme temperature
Avoid direct sunlight.
Incompatible materials Don’t Mixing with ammonia products
Hazardous decomposition products None
10 Toxicological Information Ocular toxicity Not required
Dermal toxicity
Oral toxicity
Inhalation toxicity
Dermal Sensitivity
11 Disposal Considerations Waste treatment Methods No special precautions required for this product.
12 Transport Information ADR / RID No classified as hazardous for transport within the transport regulations.
13 Safety, Health & Environmental Regulations / Legislation Specific for the product Health, safety and environment information shown on the label according to EU directives, not classified as dangerous according to EU – directive 1999/45/EC
14 Other information Additional Uses General disinfection, surface disinfection, medical surface disinfection, food area surface disinfection, food processing aid, direct contact with food, water disinfection, direct application on animal skin, direct application on animal wounds, water treatment, water disinfection, removal of scale and biofilm, fungicide, sporicidal.