Effluent is generally considered to be water pollution the sources of wastewater may vary from municipal and sewage to industrial and agricultural. Wastewater is any water that is affected in quality by human impact on the environment.

 Sewage is one of the biggest sources of wastewater. Sewage water is contaminated with human waste and makes its way through the pipes, pumps and screens which doesn’t contribute positively to the water quality. Additional sources of wastewater can be wash water that is a result of washing dishes, cars, or clothes. Urban rainfall is considered wastewater as well since it contains oils, rubber and gasoline washed from the streets and building roofs.

 A large source of wastewater is produced in numerous industrial applications such as metal finishing and plating, chemicals production, mining, refining, pulp and paper manufacturing, oil and gas production and many others.  The Main linlet water is filtered by Coarse Filter before feed in to the Electro Coagulation Reactors (ECR). Once the reaction is completed there is Electro Flocculation, Electro Floatation and settle the coagulated water in the bottom of the settling tank produced by Tiaano. The treated water in different stages are self explanatory by display of raw water, and treated water, in different bottles.


The attached image  is self explanatory.