Tiaano's oxy hydrogen (HHO) is mileage booster

 Oxy hydrogen (HHO) works, with best mileage for moving vehicles, Tiaano's oxy hydrogen gas, used in DC electric power. Oxy hydrogen is nontoxic gas and can be used as a supplementary to any traditional fuel such as diesel, petrol, etc.., oxy hydrogen generator increasing mileage and reducing the fuel consumption. Tiaano's skid mounded oxy hydrogen generator for stationary engine.

Oxy hydrogen can be used as fuel in to internal combustion engine. HHO gas enhance the combustion process through increasing engine thermal efficiency and reducing the specific fuel consumption. Oxy hydrogen is often mentioned in conjunction with vehicle that claim to use water as a fuel, oxy hydrogen gas is a gaseous mixture of molecular hydrogen (H2) and molecular oxygen (O2) that is generated by electolysis of water.

Tiaano's design, manufacturing & installing oxy hydrogen generator it separates the water into hydrogen and oxygen gases (HHO), using DC electric power. Hydrogen makes gas on demand from the stored water and dozing to the engine through air intake manifold, helps to reduce the fuel consumption and carbon emission up to 30%. HHO is nontoxic gas and can be used as a supplementary fuel.

Tiaano is having the object to serve for utility segments in worldwide, focusing on electricity, water and fuel burning by using green energy product, made from titanium, tantalum, niobium , nickel, platinum, iridium & their alloys and composite metals.

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