HOCl is environment friendly, non-toxic and harmless disinfectant. It is used for sanitizing Fruits, Vegetables, Skins, Swimming pool mats, Eggs, Seafood, Child diapers, Masks, Household sprayer, Pets shower detergents, Kitchenware, Toys, Underwear, Underpants, Bed sheet, Sheet covers, Cars, Ships, Beddings in hotels & companies, Washing detergent, Fridge Cleaning agents, Surface treatment agents.

Table wares, Tablecloths, Bathroom curtains, Milk bottles, Cans, Towels and Bathrobes in the household and public pools, Rags, Bathroom scrubbing agent, Cattery, Kennel & Silkworm appliance and Dental Care application. Hypochlorous acid water generator highly effective in removing bacteria and deodorizing. It is produced by electrolyze of water and salt, without any need of hazardous chemical materials, and is immediately effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including influenza and nor viruses.