After we install tiaano’s oxy hydrogen (HHO) 900cc car, it will increase 30% mileage, dry cell unique design in India, reduce pollution by up to 90%, easy to fit, compact and looks great.

HHO oxy hydrogen is a pollution free exhaust, increase mileage, increase engine performance. Oxy hydrogen (HHO) is a mixture Supplementary fuel, oxy hydrogen can be used as fuel in internal combustion engine and stationary combustion engine.

It can be used in the vehicles heavy, light commercial vehicles stationary engine (genet) for reduce fuel, using DC electric power. with more operating hours. Oxy hydrogen is non –toxic gas, used as a supplementary to any traditional fuel such as petrol, diesel.

Oxy hydrogen (HHO) generator, it used to increase the mileage, reduce pollution, acting as supplementary fuel, this water fuel (HHO) reduce the mainly fuel, the electrolyzer used in system is non corrosive material (TITANIUM).