Supply of Electrode Assembly for the Generation of Sodium Hypochlorite as Disinfectant

We, Tiaano do fabrication, supply of electrode assembly for the generation of sodium hypochlorite as disinfectant. Available chlorine capacity of 10 GPH to 1000 Grams. / Hr. for general application. Higher capacity with multifold cell assembly [more than 1250 kg/hr.] for industrial / commercial application. Our electrodes are manufactured form Titanium Sheet, Mesh, Plate, Rod, Wire, Tube, Pipe and the combination of all the above, confirming to ASTM B 265, 348 & 337 or 338 gr.1 & 2. Bi-polar, Mono-polar & Reverse polarization cell design is also in our scope. These Anode are used for Medium to large water treatment facilities for disinfection of water. Also used for Waste water, Effluent and Sewage treatment.