MMO coated Anode & Titanium Cathode for the generation of Sodium hypochlorite

Tiaano, a complete design and manufacturing company launched a disinfection system called Chloro-Sanitizer Generator for the generation of Sodium Hypochlorite. For the generation of Sodium hypochlorite, we have used our own made high quality MMO Coated Anode and Titanium Cathode. Also, we are pioneer in the field of making all kind of anode with different types of coating and plating. This Chloro-Sanitizer has produced chlorine/NaOCl at on-site with the concentration of 8000 ppm by using three common consumables salt, water & electricity.

Advantages of MMO (Mixed Metal Oxides) Anodes: MMO anodes having longer life & stable operation, Lightweight and easy to handle, very minimum maintenance cost, having good electrical conductor and meet a wide range of electrolysis needs. On-site generation of chlorine is a proven, cost-effective, reliable and safe treatment. The Solution destroys all classes of microorganism (Virus / Bacteria / Protozoa ) including COVID 19.

Chloro-Sanitizer & its application

1.    Sanitizer for disinfection of surfaces, Objects & gloved hands etc.

2.    Sanitizer for disinfection surfaces that have contact with skin.

3.    Sanitizer to kill the virus of covid-19.

4.    Sanitizer to prevent the infection.

5.    Sanitizer for disinfection of Municipal water for drinking.