Tiaano is expert in Designing, Fabricating and Supplying of Electrolyzers Spares for Sewage Treatment water applications it has vast experience, proven capabilities and high degree of personalized customer service. The company’s superior manufacturing is tied to effective collaboration among our team of engineers, skilled manufacturing professionals, quality control engineers and proficient support team forming a genuine partnership with our customers.

Sewage treatment is the process for treating contaminated waste water, containing mainly household sewage, public sewage, industrial waste water, etc., there are process sewage treatment plant physical filtration with flotation, Electro coagulation, Electro oxidation and electro chlorination. Also this Electrolytic processes are used to separate contaminates and treated waste water for reusing and which is safe enough for release into the environment. By the way this technology differentiate from the chemical & biological, which will have more operational cost. These treated water we can directly use for gardening, flushing, vessel washing. In the sewage treatment method used by application of Electrolysis method.

Tiaano supplies Electrolyzer spares / electrodes for the treatment of sewage waste water.  The above referred photo, we are regularly supplying to our customer in Chile on every month basis.

Product Details:

i) Product Name: Electrolyzer Spares

ii) Raw Material  :  Titanium

iii)Application     : Sewage Treatment

iv)Color                : Black

v) Section Shape: Round

vi)Installation at  : Chile


*  High Corrosion Resistance

*  Superior Strength

*  Long Operating Life

*  Very Low Maintenance, Easy Handling

*  Recoating possible

Excellent for High Voltage Application

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