Tiaano manufacturing and supplying MMO Coated Meshes for Chromic Acid Production. To manufacture Chromic acid, we have to add sulfuric acid in the distilled water and pass current.  Since No other metal having the stability than the MMO Coated Titanium Mesh / plate the dimensionally Stable Anode (DSA) to pass current, all are preferred to go with DSA anodes.

Depends upon the Amperage and hours of operation, we will decide the catalyst loading. We use Iridium based MMO for this application. Since Iridium has a very high density and melting point. It is the most corrosion-resistant material used in special alloys.

The main use of iridium is as a hardening agent for platinum alloys and used in many chemical process to pass current and will steady in high temperatures. Performance of the Iridium coated mesh will be tested at 3 kA/Sq. M @ 85 degree C, in Na2SO4 electrolyte, having the concentration of 200 GPL in water, pH of '0'.  The potential result will be the maximum of 1.69 Tiaano will conduct SEP (single electrode potential) Test.

Iridium Mesh