Electrolyzer 100 GPH for the Generation of Sodium Hypochlorite

Tiaano, design and manufacturing Batch Type Electro Chlorinators, Titanium Electrolyzers and Titanium Electrode assembly for water treatment application with different cell arrangement. There are Parallel Plate Electrode (PPE), Concentric Tube Electrode (CTE) and Parallel Plate and Mesh Electrodes (PPME).

Batch type Electro chlorinator produces required chlorine in the form of Sodium Hypochlorite in 8 hours from common salt as per the customer standards.  It is safe and cost saving. Compact Electro chlorinator or Batch type disinfectant generator consists, Reaction tank, Hypo Tank, Power supply unit and Dosing pump are all integrated into one single unit. They are prewired and piped, so they can be installed any were without any civil foundation or support stands. We (Tiaano) are supplying Electrolyzers / electrode assembly / Anode and Cathodes also for making Electro chlorination unit for ECU manufacture.