Electrochemical method of treating polluted water whereby sacrificial anodes corrode to release active coagulant precursors (usually aluminium or iron cations) into solution. Accompanying electrolytic reactions evolve gas (usually as hydrogen bubbles) at the cathode.  Lot of Mesh Anode with MMO Coating for Anode and without coating for Cathode will be used for Electro Oxidation and same pair of electrodes with Aluminium substrate used for Electro Coagulation.  These electrodes are used in the EO & EC reactors of Electrolytic Effluent Treatment Plant (e-ETP) and Electrolytice Sewage Treatment Plant (e-STP).  During the reaction it generates Sodium Hypo Chlorite and hypo chlorous and removes colour and odour from the effluent. The attached images are for electrodes.