Operating procedure of 1 Ltr. Batch e-STP Demo Unit



Ø  Connect the Single Phase Power to the Pulse Doser with single Phase and connect the DC power to the Reactor.


Ø  Raw sewage water sample 5 litres shall be collected in the sample beaker, from the sump. (PPE)


Ø  Record the parameters such as pH, Conductivity, TDS, Temperature, etc.,


Ø  Then carefully pour 1 litre of filtered sewage water inside the EC demo reactor.


Ø  If the TDS is low, then add 5 ~ 30 grams of salt, stir well till it dissolves inside the reactor and record the same.


Ø  Then ‘Switch ON’ the pulse dozer. Set the required 5 amps (maximum) current and maintain maximum voltage 11V {depends conductivity)


Ø  Check-up the reactions until the reaction is completed.


Ø  The maximum operating temperature is 400C. If it is above 400C the pulse dozer should be switched ‘OFF’. Then restart the process.


Ø  After Process completion, reduce the amps and ‘Switch OFF’ the Pulse Dozer.


Ø  Switch-off the power supply and remove treated water from EC Reactor and filter


Ø  Record the parameters in the log sheet, provided with this standard operating procedure and handover the treated sample to customer for testing and analysis.


Ø  Similarly do the connections on Electro Oxidation Reactor and follow the same procedure. Finally after removing the filtered water, it will be clear and  the same can be send to further testing of actual parameters to design the actual capacity of treatment system.