Tiaano e-ETP system can effectively remove Organic contaminants, Turbidity, Suspended solids, The Algae, odour, Heavy Metals, Colour, Fats/Oils/Grease, micro-organism, bacteria, disinfectants using Electro Coagulation and Electro Oxidation methods.

Further the following advantages are with the Electrolytic Treated ETP System:

vThe skid mounted Tiaano e-ETP needs almost negligible            

man power to treat even highly  recalcitrant effluents.

vThis system is an advance technology and easy to operate with less maintenance

vEffective removal of heavy metals including chromium

ve-ETP Occupy only ¼ th of space compare to other treatment method. Also it can reduce COD & BOD drastically.

vOnly 22mg/L sludge is recovered, which can also be used as fertilizer for plantation/gardening, since it is non toxic.

vNon chemical, non-biological process and does not generate  

green house gases.

vDoes not deplete atmospheric oxygen and emits low carbon

vNo need to maintain biomass, pH, temperature

vIt is an independent of toxcity & noiseless and conserves more water due to better quality treatment.

vMaking the industries in to ZLD by treating 100% waste water

High performance cost ratio and easily expandable. Further the attached image is self-explanatory.