The MMO coated anodes are created for various applications and industries. It is based on Titanium and coated with active precious Mixed Metal Oxides. Mixed metal oxide (MMO) electrodes, also called Dimensionally Stable Anodes (DSA), are devices with high conductivity and corrosion resistance for use as anodes in electrolysis.

Electrodes is used in industry for the production of many metals and non-metals. Electrolysis is commonly used for coating one metal with another. The method of coating one metal with another using an electric current is called electroplating.

They are made by coating a substrate, such as pure titanium plate or expanded mesh, with several kinds of metal oxides. Electrolysis is the process of decomposition of a substance by an electric current. When the current is passed through the molten sodium chloride, sodium and chlorine are deposited at different electrodes and provides chlorine.