The government has issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) after reopening religious places that are required to be followed while visiting. It includes physical distancing of at least six-feet, mandatory use of face masks, provisions of thermal screening, and a sanitizer dispenser at the entrance of the premises. The devotees will be allowed entry only if they adhere to the guidelines

A priest in a Madhya Pradesh's Bhopal has objected to the use of sanitizers in temples and places of worship, due to its alcohol content. Keeping the Non Alcoholic in mind we have introduced this kind where in you have to use only water and edible salt for hand sanitation.

With Great efforts from Adv M.K. Govindan and Our Chairman Mr. Jeyakumar on behalf of the temple and the villagers was incorporated at the Temple premises on 5th Sepemtember 2020. The devotees entering the premises will be provided hand sanitizers to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. Coronavirus outbreak has caused widespread infections and deaths all around the world. In India.


Dhenupureeswarar Temple, is located in Madambakkam near TambaramChennai. Dhenupureeswarar is the local name for the Hindu deity Shiva. Aimed at improving the sanitary conditions as well as the pilgrim-friendly aspects of the town around the temple. All the devotees can get disinfected their hands before and after worshipping get full sanitized. The fear of COVID-19 is now fully removed.