e-ETP & e-STP Systems for Various Industries

Ø  Automobile Service Stations: Tiaano’s e-ETP used to treat the waste water  and remove the oil, grease, heavy metals, etc. and recycle of washed effluent for the same service station.

Ø  Commercial Laundry: Tiaano e-ETP will be very much useful in the Hotels, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Hospitals to treat the laundry waste water. This effluent shall be treated and shall be reused in the same industry.

Ø  Dairy Industry: Tiaano’s e-ETP is must is Dairy industries, to treat the processed effluents and reuse for Gardening, cleaning, etc.

Ø  Textile Industry: Tiaano’s e-ETP system is having ECR (Electro Coagulation Reactor) and EOR (Electro Oxidation Reactor). During the process, the colour removal of dye bath effluent is done in Electro Oxidation.

Ø  Coolants in Engineering Industry: Tiaano e-ETP is treating Coolants and disposal of coolants.

Ø  Food Processing Industry: Tiaano’s e-ETP system treating the high COD effluent of food processing unit and recover fats. Also recover very very less sludge

Ø  Chemical & Pharmacy: Tiaano’s e-ETP & e-STP is very much required for treating the high COD process effluents with solvents in the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries.

Ø  Plating Industry: Tiaano’s e-ETP removes not only sludge and also remove heavy metal from the effluents of Plating Industries.

Ø  Hospitals: Tiaano’s e-ETP system used to treat all contaminated water from operation theaters , all Labs, Wash Rooms, Laundry Washed Waste Water, etc.

Ø  Hotels: Tiaano’s e-ETP & e-STP is for treatment and recycle of all used water & waste water.

Ø  The image of treated outlet water at different stage is self explanatory.